About the Journal

Since it was first issued in 2006, the journal evolved from a national to an international reach, pursuing a constant and significant expansion. Thus, it created a network of practitioners and researchers from prestigious European and American universities which enables its members to share and disseminate the results of their personal or collective research concerning current subjects and international themes. The decision to divide past numbers of the publication according to thematic criteria imposed itself so as to enhance scientific rigour and to highlight a number of subjects and fields of study that animate the interest of researchers and thespians in current times.

The aim of the journal is to encourage original research in the field of the performing arts through assembling thematic numbers that are well connected to the international flux of research in the humanities. We strive towards a number of goals, of which we hereby mention the most important:

  1. To establish a platform for academic debates of the highest standard, involving researchers from Romanian universities alongside reputable academics from abroad;
  2. To promote Romanian research in international languages (English and French) and to increase its impact on the field;
  3. To constitute a coherent, significant and easily recognizable academic profile of the Cluj-Napoca theatre and film school, for which the journal shall serve as a central emblem;
  4. To approach research subjects which are currently relevant, as well as extremely rich and stimulating from a scientific viewpoint;
  5. To strongly correlate theoretical and practical approaches, stimulating applied research and theoretical approaches grounded in artistic experience;
  6. To advocate for interdisciplinarity and multilevel approaches to the theatrical phenomenon, which link it to film, visual arts, literature, etc.
  7. To develop a corpus of dynamic methodologies, suited to theatre and film, through dialogue with connected disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, philosophy et al.

The Journal is divided into three main constant sections:

  1. Studies and articles (contains original field studies, individual or collective research results, criticism articles and actuality essays, correspondent to the announced theme of each issue) (minimum 8 articles).
  2. Creations/ Interviews/ Miscellanea (may comprise interviews conducted with prominent personalities in the field of performing arts, as well as novel full-text or fragments of dramatic writings, original screenplays, specialized translations, evocations and essays).
  3. Performance, Film or Book Reviews (contains reviews of performances or films which premiered within a maximum of one year prior to the submission of the article, reviews of books published within a maximum of two years prior to the submission of the article) (minimum 2 reviews).

Starting with number 1/ 2015, Studia UBB Dramatica issues got the status of ‘Open Access’. As an Open Access journal (ISSN 2065-9539), Studia UBB Dramatica does not charge readers or their institutions for access (read, download, copy, distribute, print for research use, search, or link to the full texts of articles). There is also a printed version of the journal (ISSN 1842-2799).

Each issue Studia UBB Dramatica published (table of contents, summary, keywords, complete PDF and split PDFs of the published texts) since 2014 can be found in the section Archives, and all the other issues back to 2006 will soon be available on our website.