Peer Review Procedure

All articles published in Studia Dramatica undergo a rigorous and transparent double-blind peer review process, streamlined through the OJS system. After the article is submitted, it goes through an initial editorial screening by the issue editor to determine whether it meets the technical requirements and whether it fits the thematic scope of the issue. In the next step, the article is anonymized and is sent through the platform to independent reviewers selected from the internal database according to interests and competence.

The journal takes the engagement to send the articles to be reviewed by two peer-reviewers from outside the Institution to which the author is affiliated. The peer-reviewers have to check, read carefully, make a written evaluation of the article and fill up a review standard form. Their suggestions are sent to the author, for further changes. The reviewers are not aware of the authors’ names, as well as the authors don’t have the information regarding their reviewers’ identity (double blind review system).