Call for papers - No. 2/2022


The Pedagogical Stage Director and The Stage Director's Pedagogy


Submissions deadline: 1 July 2022

Publication date: October 2022


”After the hypothetical death of the author in the '60s, the apparent death of the director is often circulated today. Is the director really dead, or transformed, or is he in a state of crisis?” Patrice Pavis asks in Contemporary European Theater Directors, published by Routledge Publishing House, in its first edition on April 4, 2010. Reviving this question now, during and  after the pandemic crisis, but also whenever a new training cycle for theater directors begins, we find ourselves able to strengthen it by asking another question: taking into consideration the fact that this disappearance of the theater director was predicted, why is still considered the true pedagogue of the art of theatre? As Romanian professor Radu Penciulescu said in 1972: ”The age of the great theater-director is over. He is not any more the prince, the way Craig was – in theory, or the way Reinhardt was – in  practice.” What are the resources that urge us to still attribute this status to him/her? Why do we still train future theater directors in universities and drama schools since we all talk about ”the apparent death of the director”? Are the pedagogical experiences of the well known leaders and shapers of theatrical thought and practice in the XXth century, such as E. Gordon Craig, V. Meyerhold, J. Grotowski, P. Brook, A. Mnouchkine, E. Barba and others, still relevant?

In this regard, we propose the following sub-topics:

  1. The theater director – pedagogue of the art of theater;
  2. The avatars of the theater director in the XXth century;
  3. Is the present-day theater director the pedagogue of the new generation of theater directors?
  4. Theater performance as a collective pedagogy;
  5. The actor’s training as a springboard for the performance: from workshop to performance
  6. The role of the contemporary theatre director during pandemic restrictions - exploring the pandemic from a director’s point of view.


Issue Editors:

Eli Simon, PhD.

(Artistic Director, New Swan Shakespeare Festival; Chancellor’s Professor of Acting, UC Irvine)

Gelu Badea, PhD.

(Theatre Director; Associate Professor, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca)


Deadline for submission: 1 July 2022  - directly on the journal’s website:

Publication date: October 2022

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