Call for papers - No. 2/2023


Molière – 400 Years After: a Challenge for Contemporary Theatre?

Studia Dramatica no. 2/2023 offers researchers and artists in the fields of performing arts, cinema, visual arts and theatre history a special issue dedicated to the work and personality of Molière, on the occasion of his double commemoration.


Four hundred years after the baptism of the great master of 17th century French stage, numerous works have been dedicated to him all over the world. New shows, new readings, adaptations and rewritings of his plays have emerged over the past year, reopening debate on the topicality of his themes, the audacity of his frontal approach to the problems of society, his inexhaustible double-edged comedy and his ability to reinvent characters borrowed from cultural heritage, from Antiquity to the times of Louis XIV. Not only France, but the entire theatrical world celebrated Molière in 2022. In order to take a step back and broaden the perspective and scope of our research, we propose to look at how Molière has been approached and revisited, also and above all outside French borders, through a number of daring stagings, new critical looks, re-evaluation and rediscovery of this rich dramatic universe, where the passion for the stage and acting constantly resonates and questions minds beyond the centuries.

We therefore welcome:

-critical studies that take a fresh look at Molière's work

-articles analyzing new productions and readings of his theatre

-interviews with creators and artists who have taken an interest in Molière over the past two years

-reviews of Moliere-related performances and books.

Deadline for registration of final texts on the journal website: September 30, 2023

Articles, interviews and reviews can be submitted online via our website, where you'll find details of how to write. We accept articles in English and French.

If you have any questions, please contact the people in charge of the thematic issue:

Gilles Declercq et Ștefana Pop-Curseu: