Call for papers - No. 1/2024




Call for papers Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Dramatica, nr. 1/ 2024


The present issue of Studia Dramatica aims to address theatre and the performing arts in the wider space of Eastern Europe from a range of broad perspectives, which may include both historical research and some applied strictly to contemporary phenomena. We suggest some directions, which are neither intended to be unique nor exclusive, and which everybody can complement and refine according to their precise area of research:

-Links between Eastern and Western Europe in theatre and the performing arts: power relations, mutual influences, exchanges of values;

-Transformations of the theatrical field in the transition from communism to a democratic society;

-Theatre and performing arts festivals in Eastern Europe;

-Methods of working in the performing arts: East/West;

-Status of dramaturgy in contemporary theatre in the East: renowned dramaturgical voices;

-Identity and otherness in theatre and performing arts in Eastern Europe;

-New perspectives of theatre pedagogy in the East;

-The role of theatre and performing arts in debating contemporary community issues and values.


Therefore, the following types of contributions are welcome:

-Articles and critical studies on the general theme of the issue.

-Interviews with creative artists in theatre, film, performing and visual arts about theatre in Eastern Europe.

-Performance reviews, theatre book reviews and reviews of theatre events from the past year.


Languages of articles: English, French.

Deadline: 1 April 2024

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