An Archipelago of Loneliness – an aerial view


  • Georges Banu Université Paris III – Sorbonne nouvelle


This paper traces a map and a brief history of the presence of Romanian theatre outside the borders of Romania. It is shown here that Romanian theatre artists (actors, stage directors, stage designers) left Romania for many different reasons: a need for affirmation and of international celebrity, political and cultural persecutions etc. The emphasis is put here on the communist period, when the censorship imposed by political power determined many people to exile themselves: Silviu Purcărete, Lucian Pintilie, Andrei Şerban, Liviu Ciulei, as well as the author of this text and many others. What one can see is that
Romanian theatre artists worked individually, without building complex networks, even if they sometimes collaborated: that’s the archipelago of loneliness the title mentions. That doesn’t mean they hadn’t any influence on the theatrical life in the countries where they lived: they had a great impact, mainly through the theatre schools they founded.

Author Biography

Georges Banu, Université Paris III – Sorbonne nouvelle

GEORGES BANU, after his debut as a theatre critic and professor, left Romania in 1973 and continued his work in France. He taught in various European universities, where he held many classes on theatre studies, and wrote many books translated all over the world. He is Doctor Honoris Causa of many prestigious universities, but also Honorary President of the International Association of Theatre Critics, after three mandates as a President. He directed a special issue of the journal Cahiers de l’Est on the Eastern European theatre. After 1989, he took part at the Romanian theatrical life: his books have been translated and published and he organized various cultural and theatrical events. The reflections that are made in this paper are nourished by a biographical experience and by the friendship with most of the artists who lived far away from Romania, their country.



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