The Romanian Theatre in the Sixties (1963‐65). Views from France and Russia on David Esrig’s Theatre


  • Béatrice Picon-Vallin National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), THALIM


Romania, David Esrig, Lucian Pintilie, stage directing, Meyerhold, international experiences, Denis Bablet, the sixties


This research tries to present a brief period of the Romanian theatre, the sixties, from the point of view of its international echoes, mainly in France and Russia. Stage directors such as David Esrig and Lucian Pintilie, among many others, were very admired by theatre critics who had the opportunity to know their work. Denis Bablet, for example, wrote in 1967 a laudatory article in Les Lettres françaies, on Esrig and Pintilie, and it is entirely transcribed here, as an important document for Romanian theatre history. Bablet’s article is the starting point for this research, where the focus is put on Esrig’s work that is situated in the great meyerholdian tradition.

Author Biography

Béatrice Picon-Vallin, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), THALIM

BÉATRICE PICON‐VALLIN is honorary research director at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), THALIM. She is the editor of three collections (“Arts du spectacle”, CNRS Editions; “th XX”, L’Âge d’Homme; “Mettre en scène”, Actes Sud‐Papiers). Specialist in Russian theatre, in history and aesthetics of stage directing and acting in Europe, in the relation between theatre and other forms of expression (circus, video), she is the author of many books (especially Meyerhold, Les Voies de la création théâtrale, vol. 17, CNRS Editions (1990‐2004, Italian, Brazilian translations…). Among her last publications: Les Ecrans sur la scène, L’Âge d’homme, new edition, 2009; Le Théâtre du Soleil. Les cinquante premières années, Actes Sud, 2014, new edition 2018; in press (with E. Magris), Les théâtres documentaires, 2019. She taught theatre history at the CNSAD and presently she teaches in several  theatre schools in France and abroad.




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