Changing the State’s Discourse about Public Theatre Institutions by Redefining the Language of Law


  • Zenkő Bogdán Babes-Bolyai University


public sphere, legislation, performing arts, management, postcommunist institutions, state funding


In this study we take a closer look at how the state refers to performing arts venues and their roles and attributions in Romanian society, through its official channel of expression - the law. The two chosen laws, OG 21/2007 and OUG 189/2008, define the purpose, structure and organisation of public performing arts institutions, the criteria for becoming their manager and the duties that must be performed in this position. Our research first reflects on the terminology of these laws, comparing it with the general vocabulary of the texts. Then, for each of the two sets of regulations, we illustrate their shortcomings from the point of view of theatre management, grouping them in six and four topics. We believe that it is necessary to sensitise the professional and civil community to what the word of law actually means, since we consider it important to take back our public spaces through language as well, and start democratising public institutions also through discourse.

Author Biography

Zenkő Bogdán, Babes-Bolyai University

BOGDÁN ZENKŐ specializes in performing arts management and producing, she was a co-curator for the performing arts program at the Paintbrush Factory (2019-2021) and is a member of the Howlround Advisory Board. She is currently a PhD student at the Theater and Film Faculty at Babeş-Bolyai University. Her research is focused on management structures and methods within Romanian state theatres. Her professional projects include collaborations with international festivals such as TESZT, Temps d’Images, SZIGET, DunaPart and institutions like the Trust for Mutual Understanding and Jurányi Art Incubator House. Zenkő Bogdán’s doctoral research is supported by the City Council of Sfântu  Gheorghe through a four-month scholarship.




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