Bringing the Romanian Theatre to American Universities: The Plays of Mona Chirilă at Arizona State University


  • Ileana Orlich Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA


Mona Marian (Chirilă), Romanian theatre in Arizona USA, National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca, puppet theatre


When talking about Romanian theatre staged abroad, in the United States and especially in Phoenix, Arizona, it is impossible not to mention the extremely  talented director Mona Marian (Chirilă). She started her theatrical journey at Arizona State University in the Romanian Studies program at the Department of Languages, due to her encounter with prof. Ileana Orlich, after a performance at the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca in 2000, where a beautiful friendship started. An important number of poetical and most creative performances toured to the United States, where the Romanian diaspora audience and the  American student audience could participate to these unforgettable shows.

Author Biography

Ileana Orlich, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA

ILEANA ALEXANDRA ORLICH is President’s Professor and Professor of English and Comparative Literature, as well as Director of Romanian Studies at Arizona State University. Her books include Silent Bodies: (Re)-Discovering the Women of Romanian Short Fiction (2002); Articulating Gender, Narrating the Nation: Allegorical Femininity in Romanian Fiction (2005); Myth and Modernity in the  TwentiethCentury Romanian Novel (2009). All from Columbia University Press, New York. Also:  Avantgardism, Politics, and the Limits of Interpretation: Reading Gellu Naum’s Zenobia (Paideia, 2010);  Staging Stalinism in Romanian Contemporary Theatre (2012). Among her translations into English are  Mara (Slavici), Hanu Ancutei (Sadoveanu), Tache de Catifea (Agopian), Patul lui Procust (Camil Petrescu), trilogia Hallipa (Papadat-Bengescu), and Ciuleandra (Rebreanu). Her translations for the stage include Travesties (Tom Stoppard), Hamlet. A Version (from Russian with Mihaela Lovin) (Boris Akunin), and  Interrogation in Elsinore (Carlos Manuel Varela). Her most recent books are Subversive Stages: Theater  in pre- and postCommunist Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria (CEUPRESS, New York and Budapest, 2017) and the translation of another play To Kill a Serpent in the Shell (Boris Akunin) from Dalkey Archive Press, 2018.




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