La Scène au temps de l’Intelligence Artificelle


  • Oltița Cîntec ″George Enescu″ National University of Arts, Iași, Romania


Artificial Intelligence, theatre and new technologies, live and virtual performances, online broadcast, virtual set design, immersive theatrical experience


The study makes a theoretical-predictive analysis of the transformations that the use of Artificial Intelligence and new media will generate in a medium time
horizon in the theatre arts. Analysing some examples of contemporary creations in performing arts from Romania and other countries, it highlights different types of creativity through specific scenographic choices, dramaturgical compositions and spectator’s involvement, which break the tradition and draw a new horizon of scenic and performative experiences thanks to the intelligent use of new technologies and virtual realities. The directions targeted are aesthetic, professional and following the evolution of the act of reception.

Author Biography

Oltița Cîntec, ″George Enescu″ National University of Arts, Iași, Romania

OLTIȚA CÎNTEC is a theater critic, PhD in Theater Studies, associate professor at the Theater Faculty of Iași ″George Enescu″ National University of Arts, curator of the International Theater Festival for Young Audience (FITPT) and of Iași Luceafărul Theater; her articles and studies have been published in academic, theater and cultural journals and magazines in Romania and abroad; she was part of specialized juries and gave lectures about the Romanian theater in Romania and abroad; she is the author of several books on the theory and recent history of performing arts, some of them award-winning.



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