Vol. 59 No. 1 (2014): Eugenio Barba. Celebrating 50 Years with Odin Teatret

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The year 2014 is a special one for all theatre makers, theatre critics or historians and spectators who recognize the extraordinary value of the transformations brought in the European stage world by the research of the artistic laboratories of the sixties. For this year, we celebrate 50 years of existence of the Nordisklaboratorium / Odin Teatret, and thus half a century of fabulous work of theatrical creations that have profoundly marked the way we feel and approach Performative Arts today.

Studia UBB Dramatica joins this great celebration with a special issue conceived together with Eugenio Barba and his close collaborators in Holstebro and proposes a set of articles, studies, interviews and testimonies written by theorists, practitioners, European pedagogues, as well as by members of the famous Odin theatre company or by Eugenio Barba’s close friends. The usual sections of the journal have been enriched by the reprinting of a number of texts published in the 1970’s, in order to renew the memory of a constant work dedicated body and soul to the theatrical creation. A special chapter opens the volume and is focused on the presence of Eugenio Barba and his team in Cluj-Napoca, as well as their reception by Romanian audience in Novembre 2012.

We thus celebrate these extraordinary people who succeeded to give life to the legendary, by making a piece of art of their own existence.

Published: 2014-03-30

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