All About Eve – Mirrors of Eve and What Lies Beyond


  • Ioana Ciovârnache Collège National « George Barițiu » Cluj-Napoca


mirror stage, self, subject, identification, desire.


Taking as a starting point the play of identifications in All About Eve, this paper focuses on theatre as a function in the constitution of the feminine subject. Something emerges in the relation between the characters, but also something is produced beyond this relation. The theatre-function is complemented by the scansion introduced by the mirror; the mirror is a place of disjunction on the journey of the subject. Further on, we look at how this theatre-function has a correspondent in the cinematic succession of repeating, enacting and creating in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s movie Nunvagoldoon, which allows its characters to exit the series of identifications.

Author Biography

Ioana Ciovârnache, Collège National « George Barițiu » Cluj-Napoca

Ioana Ciovârnache (b.1981) is a translator and a teacher of philosophy. Her interest in psychoanalysis dates back to 2012. She is also a member of the Romanian Forum of the Lacanian Field.




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